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Tuesday, 19 June 2012 01:00

Of bits and brakes

15th August 2011

We already knew that Andrew would be away on Saturday attending a birthday party. so I was to have one of those extremely rare things, a free weekend day. For once I was to escape rail activity, but to make up for it, we slipped over to Rowsley Friday night in order to reposition a few locos to make them more readily accessible for a long day on Sunday.

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Tuesday, 19 June 2012 01:00

Of tanks and oils

8th January 2012

The Briddon clan saw in the New Year at my daughter’s in Darlington, and had a relaxing New Years Day, but by Monday Andrew was itching to get back to activity and we headed over to Scunthorpe. Object of the day primarily was “Beverley”, but while Andrew spent time on minor amendments to the supercharger/dynamo drive we reinstated the previous week I did some dimension checks on the 03 before joining him in the warm of the shed.

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Tuesday, 19 June 2012 01:00

Of days when nothing goes right

15th January 2012

According to the histories, Swindon added a massively heavy cast chimney to the front of their build 03s in order to achieve balance since the locos were front end light. This has never altogether rung true with me – for one thing putting a ballast weight on top of the casings requires a very substantial casing frame and anyway, who would to put it up that high? There again, there is an answer to that, and that is “Autoloc”.

Published in 2012 Jan-Mar
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