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Of primer, brackets and ball-cocks

8th November 2010

Saturday: Plan A had been to head out to Scunthorpe, but during the week I’d had trouble with a leaky ball cock on the loo and Saturday morning it started again, so I cut another washer and when that made no difference, headed down to Wickes to find that of the 6 ball cocks they stocked, none looked remotely interchangeable.

With time ticking on, I realised that the water was not coming from the valve so much as the fitting behind, and found a further fibre washer broken which was rectified with an o-ring. This has little relevance to this blog save that as a result, Plan A was abandoned as it was too late to get to Scunthorpe and get anything worthwhile accomplished. Instead, Andrew took advantage of a lovely autumnal afternoon by priming everything to hand – pieces of vac pipe, engine mounts, vents, etc., etc; alternately moaning about the behaviour of the primer (one moment thick, next thin) and banning anyone from going up the garden (risk of touching drying components). Later when it came to putting the 03’s front engine mount away after priming, he commented that the loco would not need ballasting as the bracket must weigh 50kg. Said bracket must rigidly support the front of the Cummins 14 litre engine and also the front PTO shaft bearing and possibly the radiator (I haven’t finally decided) so mustn’t start flexing. I suggested it was only about 30kg, but did a weight check from the CAD drawing this morning and it is actually a gnat’s whisker over 44kg.

Sunday: First thing Andrew and I took the Land Rover up to Elsecar. There were two BroomWade compressors and a valve to collect. The Drewry is booked to leave around the third week in November, and Andrew is becoming concerned about the Sentinel steamer – although Martyn Ashworth was confident on having an offer “within 7 days” about 3 weeks ago, Andrew has heard nothing and Martyn is not answering e-mails. After a cup of tea back home, Andrew set off for Rowsley, Mrs B and I following in more civilised mode. Andrew disappeared over to D9500 to continue sorting and undoing bits – during the last week or two he has been in contact with virtually every Class 14 owner from Aberdeen to Williton and as a result has a long list of “wants” that can be fulfilled from the “don’t wants” that clutter D9500 and will raise some money towards a serious start. The brackets I had made for 14 901 are now earmarked for D9500, given that the vibration is much reduced and can be “lived with”, so we must keep our eyes open for a Rolls’ DV8TCA. Andrew did spy a Dorman 12QT on e-bay, going cheap in Cork, but I think I managed to put him off it.

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