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Of D2128 and Pluto

22nd May 2011

It has been a week or pluses and minuses. On Tuesday I went down to Nottingham, to inspect more auction lots of Jarvis’, but obviously the liquidators advertising is now reaching parts and persons not reached before because bids on Friday soon went out of all proportion to the value of what was there – at least to us – so no lorry loads to collect next week. Down in South Wales, 14 901 has been in action covering for defective kettles – is there another ‘14 in daily service at present? It has certainly transformed from being an unwanted Cinderella…

Andrew was down at his girlfriend’s on Saturday, and before departing suggested “I might like to” pop over to Telford and continue the wiring on “Tom”. Saturday’s weather forecast suggested that Shropshire might be wet and windy and besides, my tummy was a little unsettled. For once, I stayed home and did absolutely nothing of railway interest at all. Late on Saturday night, Andrew picked up an e-mail from Hollycombe – for some 8 months or more, negotiations have been stuttering along for Hollycombe to buy YE 0-4-0DH “Jack” – to the effect that they were not prepared to purchase. “Jack” had been on offer through Andrew’s website for some time, but he put some enquirers off while it seemed a payment formula with Hollycombe was almost settled.

Sunday: Andrew arrived home at about 09.30 but with the MIG welder to load in to the van, and a vast collection of malleable pipe fittings to remove from his car (the result of another e-bay bargain) it was after noon before we set off for Scunthorpe. Although we had been sort-of promised that D2128 would be moved nearer the shed, it was still located in the sidings around the back. With 3 brake vans in the way, 2 of which were straddled across a turnout (tsk! I know the MoD, at least, fine crews for leaving for leaving locos or stock across turnouts…) there was nothing for it but to fire up the 02 and shunt the 03 across to a suitable working area. That took up 45 minutes, preceded by 15 minutes trying different permutations of code numbers to open the loco shed door. (In the end, we managed to read the vague outline which had been cleaned off the wipe-board in the mess room!) An hour gone and nothing to show for it.

So, Andrew’s No.1 task was to infill the slots in the right hand rear mount that I had left for the handbrake shaft but which now, by agreement, had been removed.

The rh bracket has been infilled, and later painted

Radiator destined for D2128

Once he was set up I removed myself to the Palvan and fitted the rear engine mount brackets, complete with 3mm packing pieces, to the Cummins engine destined for D2128, the packers should correct an error arising from the frame plates not being quite parallel. My next job was to set about measuring the newly-allocated ex-Jarvis radiator, so that I can produce a CAD drawing for installation purposes. By that time Andrew was finished and we decided to try the new instrument panel in to place but alas, the two radius pieces (that will stop it hinging out too far) were slightly too far apart and had to be ground off and re-welded. It was then tried in again.

Andrew squints in behind the panel to see where it is still catching

I had a number of other measurements to take, including finding the loco’s nose cone lurking on a wagon around the back, before joining Andrew in the workshop where we welded up a couple of brackets for “Pluto”. While the last cooled off, the 02 was started up and D2128 parked on a siding nearby. It being now after 6pm. we decided it was time for home.

Vac brake valve mounting bracket for "Pluto"

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