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Wednesday, 20 June 2012 01:00

Of things starting to come together

18th March 2012

Only one day on the collection as Andrew was at his girl friend’s and I was having a frustrating time on that Dorman 8JT I mentioned before, but I won’t go in to that save to say that I had done the work according to the Dorman manual, and only wish that someone had explained that to the engine. Anyway, amongst the miscellaneous little jobs during the week I spent a bit of time finalising the gearchange unit.

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Wednesday, 20 June 2012 01:00

Of progress and pressure

12th February 2012

Not quite sure why I’m bothering with a posting this week. With Andrew away at his girl friend’s on Saturday, and me having to investigate a non-starting Dorman 8JT today, it has been another weekend when nothing has been done on the locos.

But there again, that is not entirely true. The long list of  “things that simply must happen” to D2128 we compiled last weekend galvanised me into spending some more time on CAD and finalising a few things.

Published in 2012 Jan-Mar
Monday, 18 June 2012 01:00

Of wiring and welding

17th April 2011

So, did anyone miss me, I wonder? (Don’t all shout “No!” at once). There was no “Weekend Rails” last weekend because, although Andrew had a (rather unsuccessfull) day on his own at Rowsley, your truly was to be found at the Leander Club at Henley-on-Thames Saturday night on one of those “family occasions” that necessitated swapping overalls for a Dinner Suit.

Published in 2011 Apr-Jun

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