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19th December 2010

With Andrew on a long weekend break at Butlins with his girl friend, you might be excused for assuming that I would be partaking of all the usual pre-Christmas jollities, like shouldering my fellow man out of the way at my local shopping centre, but you would be wrong. It was pretty much business as usual.

Saturday: Accompanied by Mrs B, I headed over to Rowsley. First job was to donate, as per Andrew’s instructions, the two batteries we had recovered from “Tom” last weekend, on the grounds that although brand new and in tip-top condition (our battery supplier had checked them during the week) they were too darn small for any loco Andrew could anticipate fitting them to. So, with that out way, we started setting up to continue the pegboard saga on 14 901, getting the first of the varnished window frame pieces into place and then fitting the long section under the eastern side of the cab roof. By the time this was completed it was 3pm, and I wanted to run the engine up and make sure it was well and put a bit of warmth back in the block, because it was perishing cold! But with the temperature hovering at about -1 or -2, I had a struggle to get the oil to prime and when cranked, the pressure again shot up to the top of the scale. This has lead to discussions with Andrew about fitting one or two crankcase heaters (we have a spare one on a Rolls’ C6 but whether it works is another matter, besides, being a vee engine the DV8 really requires two), but scarcely anything we can tackled this side of Christmas. It is strange that we never had any such problems when the loco was at Elsecar, even though we were often working in ambients of -1 or so. Whether it is symptomatic of a more severe winter, or more exposed location at Rowsley would be interesting to determine.

Sunday: Andrew had asked me to head up to York and check out the Drewry on the Derwent Valley, but I had something else to sort first, so didn’t get there until early afternoon. Had the loco been standing around, I was all set to investigate repairs to the minor damage it received when loading at Elsecar, but I was more pleased to find it in use, top’n'tailing with the DVLRs 03, so contented myself with a few pickies in the gathering twilight. Actually I had never seen Murton so busy, with the normal car park full and two fields in use as overflow.

Rolling back into the Murton station platform - witha queue of passengers waiting

Waiting for Santa 'to do his stuff' at the northern end of the line

And so not to be too partisan, the DVLR's resident 03 exiting the A64 bridge

No blog next Sunday, as this Christmas humbug gets in the way, but Andrew has work planned for the Christmas-New Year period, so I’ll be back to it the week after.

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