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19th February 2017

Owing to a last minute change of schedules, I am once again whooshing down the M1 to London so this must perforce be a hurried edition.

It didn't take much persuasion for Andrew to accept that the forklift rams be done properly – er commercially - after I rang up a firm in Sheffield that I dealt with in another life and they gave me a budget figure. Well I was footing the bill anyway. I took them in to Sheffield on Wednesday and ran up against a little snag – they'd moved. Not having the phone number on me I went instead over to my regular pneumatics/hydraulics supplier to order up the special hose and fittings to get the workshop press functioning and asked them where the this other firm had moved to, and they were about to draw me a map when a pick-up truck swung into the car park from the very same company. Five minutes later I was in their new premises and five minutes after that the rams were examined and I had a delivery promise of Monday.

More bits have come through on ebay again this week. Apart from a 100ton jack (the sort used for forcing things apart with a separate pump arrangement) there was a hydraulic pipe-bender and a peculiar home-made compressor set. The latter caught Andrew's eye because the compressor itself was a Clayton Dewandre from a Rolls C6NFL, rigged up with an electric motor and a gravity oil supply in lieu of the engine oil line it would have had from the Rolls. Aside from that, it had 3 small air receivers coupled together which have a distinct 'railway' air about them and was altogether carefully made and well-engineered. (The pulley identifies is as being from a C6N but the compressor itself can be used on other engines).

IMG 2626 blog

Only one day of filming this week, and that didn't go to plan so what we should have done on Friday is rescheduled to tomorrow. But at least the weekend was free and Andrew and I got down on both days. It was strange that this has been the first weekend for quite some time that no Team Frod members were joining us, but of course they plan to be over next week for the IDRPG General Meeting. Andrew's target though was to get the bogies out of the PCV so that the deal with Colas can be completed and the vehicle becomes ours – well his. I won't go into the ins and outs of how it was achieved, but the first came out on Saturday and the second on Sunday.

IMG 2623 blog

On Saturday I had some time as well cabling the first of the striplights that I fitted up last week in the container and preparing two more ready for installation, but these will not be going up for a week or two.

IMG 2624 blog

IMG 2625 blog

On Sunday too my brother-in-law came down to see progress. He had not been down since pre-cladding days so was somewhat impressed to see how much has been achieved since, and all the locos standing around. And once again we provided refreshment for volunteers on Darley Dale station, they reciprocating for our supplies of tea with a welcomed Kit-kat. We are easily satisfied.

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