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Of a splash and dash

15th January 2017

This will have to be a quick edition as I have yet to pack, drive 167 miles and check in to a posh hotel and be up and on site by 08.00, hence tonight's title.

On Monday the pump for the press arrived. Amazingly it was really the pump, but with no handle nor connecting hoses, and amazingly also it contained oil and judging from the peculiar writing on the transit labels, had done ever since it left China. But the holes didn't line up with the holes on the side of the press, so it got left for now.

In fact I was out at customers Monday, Tuesday, and a bit of a run around on Wednesday and was off to Longcross that night for testing on Thursday and Friday. Bluddy wet on Thursday and bitterly cold Friday morning.

I got back late on Friday night and not best pleased because that engine management warning light came on as I trundled back north. Saturday morning it was off first to Sheffield, then north to my favourite battery supplier as the batteries on the 03 had struggled in the bitter cold on Friday and I promised Fox I'd get some new ones fitted, but the old ones will probably be re-deployed as they have some life left in them yet.

We went down to the shed Saturday afternoon and while Andrew got on with tidying, I started by plumbing up the water heater and filling it, and creating a hot water supply. This was brought about by the sight of Luke last week, and his expression when he found the sink only had COLD water.

After that was tested I moved over to the press, cut out a bit of 5mm plate and drilled it as a mounting for the pump, so that we can next sort out a hose and get the ram working. Ben R and Scotty had been working on Darley Dale station and arrived over for a warming cuppa and a thaw out in front of our heater.

IMG 2562 blog

Saturday night we had a power cut, so my plan to complete various bits of paperwork and then get most of this blog written up ready went for a burton.

Today we had Team Frod due, including Stephen, Pieman, Jagger, Charles and Phil, and sure enough they arrived just after nine and we were down a little later. First crisis of the day was the heater – it wouldn't light up. I had the spark plug out, Andrew cleaned and we closed its gap a bit, but to no avail. It needs further investigation.

IMG 2563 blog

As part of the tidy up, we decided it was time to reinstate the compressor and hacksaw in their planned places now that the floor was painted, so Andrew fired up the forklift and put them back. We couldn't resist starting up the Hydrovane – it took rather longer than expected to fill the air tank, and as the pressure rose the air leak we could hear from the input shaft to the motor metamorphosed into an oil leak as well, so it will require a bit of attention, but still worth it for what we paid. The hacksaw too was given another test, and a new blade will not be long.

IMG 2564 blog

Most of Team Frod worked on 1382, while Phil gave me a hand on a commercial job. Plumtree had sent over a key retaining rack, which was duly mounted over the sink and admired by all. Andy H popped in during the afternoon, having been walking somewhere in Derbyshire and getting wet, which appears to be some sort of perverse enjoyment on his part.

So that's it. Sorry to be brief, maybe next week I'll get more time and more progress – but grandson will be back so Andrew may be otherwise occupied. Toodlepip.

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