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27th January 2013

This week's edition will be short as Andrew has been with his girlfriend and their son for the weekend and this fitted in nicely with my desire to attend a commemorative service for a good friend that was being held in Oxford on Saturday. I did however spend some time during the week working on alternative schemes for gear change - or perhaps I should say a range change - arrangement for D2128, but nothing as yet that I am happy with on CAD.

That is in part because I was collecting additional dimensions from the underside of the desk when the calls started coming in about the house break-in at Briddon Towers, and for that matter, more time and expense has been incurred sorting out damaged glazing and getting the gas supply restored than has been put into the locos. Incidentally, as I drove around to the glaziers, I passed another of these "speed advisor" devices attached to a lamp post. You know the things, they come on as you approach and tell you your speed, and are quite useful for calibrating your speedometer for when you encounter those bright yellow roadside nesting boxes at other places. Anyway, the Sheffield ones now all flash the speed - so as you are slowing they go "33" - "32" - "31" rather than shine continuously and change digits. As I approached this one at about 28mph (I am a nice, law-abiding citizen - most of the time) it flashed "22" - "111". I nearly did an emergency stop, as it was I automatically looked as my speedo no matter how ludicrous the display..

Anyway, that has just left Sunday, and I popped in to Rowsley during the afternoon and the HST lads kindly let me loose in the stock shed to climb over three of their 03s so I could get the remaining dimensions I needed. There is an old definition of an expert which goes that he is 'someone who knows more and more about less and less until eventually he knows everything about nothing at all'. On that basis I am fast becoming an expert in the front left hand corner of 03 cab and control desks and what locates there in different versions (but fortunately, Swindon-built ones as you can never be sure that other workshops didn't use slightly different drawings). With that out the way I headed back up to "Tom", and having checked it over, fired it up and gave it a bit of exercise up and down outside the loco shed to warm the block, stir up the oils and check that all was well.

Andrew had hoped to get tomorrow off from work to do a bit of loco work but instead he is having to cover for someone off ill so I will get more time to do the VAT return and other such thrilling occupations. Next Saturday is the Class 14 owners meeting, so Sunday, all being well, will be the main work day.

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