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28th January 2012

Work – that is to say the kind from which we are supposed to earn our livings – gets in the way this weekend. I have to be on site Sunday and Andrew must travel Sunday to be on (another) site at 09.00 Monday morning, and as he was attending a party Saturday night, we agreed that it would be just the one day this weekend, and back on Beverley. But of course you are all waiting avidly to hear what arrived from Mr Makita, aren’t you? Well, as I had to be at a meeting Monday, Steph stayed in all day waiting for Parcelforce, who in the end arrived at about 4.30, after I had got back home.

And it wasn’t a “I’ll give you mine if you’ll give me yours”- it was a collection, plain and simple, and I was left anxiously wondering whether I had misheard it all. In the end, something arrived, unheralded, via TNT on Friday morning, but as Steph and I were both out earning a crust they went back away with it. So I am still on tenterhooks until that nice TNT man calls again on Monday.

During the week parts for the 03 (et al) have continued to arrive. More oil for Beverley’s torque converter – on a whim I went back in with the two drums my supplier had used last time (clean and uncontaminated) and discovered that by doing so I saved myself 10p/litre. Note for future. My local casting supplier produced two more levers for the 03’s vac control by casting off the brake valve’s original. On a “real” 03, these handles are gun-metal and chrome plated. Ours are aluminium, cheaper and lighter and will save chrome-plating, just have to buff up the knob part. I chased up my friendly fabricators, taking in Beverley’s exhaust cowl for a bit of corrosion replacement, and was assured that the 03’s casing parts will be dealt with before the month end, Monday in fact. We’ll see. On the negative side, a fortnight or more since I dropped in the disc brake to the machinists and they’re still too busy to touch it – where’s this economic downturn when you want it?

So Saturday was the only day to report on this week, and we agreed to be off early, amazingly so by our standards and by half-past ten were getting suited and booted in Scunthorpe. We had taken the chimney section of the 03 back since there was space in the van and brought this inside with a wheelbarrow. The batteries were given a boost on Beverley (we had only been running the engine at low revs so there had been no charge coming off the dynamo) and I added more oil to the converter reservoir. Andrew had hoped to couple an air line up and run a static air test, but ours was a few feet too short and trying to sort out another with the necessary adaptors, etc,, wasn’t worthwhile. We fired Beverley up and after yet more oil, the level seemed to stay about the same, and the air pressure crept up to 70psi.

img 0606 edit
The Fat Controller put down his Top Hat... (D2128's Chimney)

Andrew decided that we should check gearbox operation. In the desk are 3 valves which control the two gearbox cylinders for forward and reverse and clutch in/out. They work off cams on a cross shaft but having been inert for a year or three it was no surprise when air gushed out and the valves stayed motionless. Andrew encouraged them and reluctantly they rose to the occasion and the gearbox reversed. In front of Beverley were the 02 (D2853), a Peckett 0-4-0ST and outside the shed, “Arnold Machin”, the AFRPS’s Yorkshire 0-6-0DE. Andrew coupled the first two, opened the doors and signalled me forwards. I put the clutch in and Beverley after a moment, crept forward, buffered up to the 02 and with a touch of throttle, propelled it and the Peckett out of the shed to “Arnie”, which was added and taken forward until all 4 were outside.

img 0605 edit
First powered move for several years - Bev outside

We paused there, found a few more leaks, stopped the engine and took a link out of the fan belts. The engine revs still hunt, and latest informed suggestion is that it might be that one or more injectors are over-fuelling, causing the governor to try to correct. Andrew is giving this theory some credence (they’re about the only things that haven’t been reworked or renewed) and intends having the injectors out for some TLC. Equally the 3 gear change valves and the 4th clutch isolation valve in the desk all leak so he dug the spares out to bring back for cleaning and re-sealing, but while we left it outside in the winter sun the air leaked off rapidly, so it may be the brake cylinder seal must be checked. We had hoped that Glenn would arrive to witness it move, but by two-fifteen, having declared 3pm our departure time, he hadn’t shown, so Andrew took a quick video as I drove it back into the shed. He will upload it to You-tube and I’ll pass on the link next week. Finally I drained down the converter reservoir – there must be a pin-hole in Andrew’s welding around the outlet boss as it is damp – so we’ll have to deal with that in the near future.

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