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29th July 2012

They say that moving house is one of the most traumatic things in your life. But it became apparent, as we got the keys on Tuesday with no prospect of having it fully functional until late August, that for us, moving is going to be a sedate and (I hope) relaxed affair as we pick ourselves piece by piece (or maybe van-full by van-full) from Briddon Towers and relocate it all in Briddon Country Pile. We'll be spending next weekend there (I hope again) as we must be at Rowsley both days for the "Warring 40s" event but this weekend has been the usual split.

On Saturday we headed over to Scunthorpe. Once again Andrew retired to "Beverley", to continue cleaning and priming the right hand side wheels and rods. This time he enlisted the help of a "Ram" pinch bar to move the loco along a bit to expose the parts of the wheels obstructed by the rods. Strange to relate I used to work for Firth Cleveland Ropes, who somehow had come to be the manufacturer of these things (see the picture if you don't know what I'm talking about). I don't suppose they're still made today.

img 1096 blog

For myself, I had run off a full size paper template of the proposed bracket profile for the disc brake calliper on D2128, and as paper is a little inclined to flop over, I converted it to corrugated card before trailing it in place.

img 1095 blog

It seems about right, so that will be appearing soon in steel form. In the run up to the May gala, we had planned a rough-and-ready chain-through-a-bent-tube to pull the calliper lever, but now I can spend a little more time and will create a proper crank arrangement. With that sketched out, I turned my attention to direction detection and in the end removed the cylinders and pistons of the RF11 final drive gearbox with a view to drawing them up and deciding the best way to put in perception head sensors.

Of course, you may be waiting for news of the vital parts that currently prevent either "Beverley" or D2128 from working. As for Bev's injectors, we are no farther forward - as for D2128's transmission, a phone call elicited the news that even the experts can have problems. When first tested, the converter leaked and the powershift 'knocked'. Following overhaul, the converter no longer leaks, the powershift no longer knocks - but the latter will only select one gear, not both. I'm sure they will sort it out soon, and Andrew is pencilling provisional days to do the swap.

Late Saturday evening Andrew got a phone call that sent him off to his girl friend's 24 hours early. The van was mostly loaded with bits for Rowsley, so Sunday morning Steph and I filled the rest with bits for the Country Pile and went over. Leaving Steph at the house, I pottered about on Sentinel 0-6-0DH "Tom", putting clips on silicon hoses and crimping lugs on battery cables, as well as unloading casing doors of "Libby's" that had been resident in our garage. Towards the end of the afternoon I fired up the Drewry (WD72229) to check that all was well and it was ready for its starring role next week. After all, if the Queen can act...

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